My old grandfather made and enjoyed wine for eighty years. He told me the soils in which the vines lived were a layer cake. He said the wine if properly made, was like a delcious cake layered with fruit, mocha and chocolate, hints of spice and rich, always rich. “Never pass up a good layer cake,” he would say.

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    Roasted Branzino

    On the weekend following Thanksgiving, a condition we might refer to as Leftovers Fatigue typically sets in. The siren song of starches and turkey sandwiches suddenly grates the ears. The idea of pecan … Read More »

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    The Land of Meat and Mountains

    Mendoza, the land of meat and mountains, is home to the vines that make Layer Cake Malbec and Sea of Stones. It is also home to what is perhaps the most perfect grilling … Read More »

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    Napa in the Fall

    Napa…Fall, two of my favorites things. Growing up in Upstate New York, autumn always brought brilliant colors, cool crisp air, and the smells of winter coming.   Unbeknownst to most, the Napa Valley … Read More »

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    Meet the Team – John Hardesty

    If you’ve ever met a Scot, you will know that your previous understanding of characteristics like tenacity and resilience is wrong. A Scot redefines these traits in a way that no person of … Read More »