My old grandfather made and enjoyed wine for eighty years. He told me the soils in which the vines lived were a layer cake. He said the wine if properly made, was like a delcious cake layered with fruit, mocha and chocolate, hints of spice and rich, always rich. “Never pass up a good layer cake,” he would say.

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    Mian – Chinese Comfort Food

    Years ago we wrote about a tremendous young talent, David Sigal. David is a young culinary creator with a passion for Chinese culture and food. He discovered this passion in college and it … Read More »

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    The Land of Meat and Mountains

    Mendoza, the land of meat and mountains, is home to the vines that make Layer Cake Malbec and Sea of Stones. It is also home to what is perhaps the most perfect grilling … Read More »

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    New Orleans, I love you.

    I love your sidewalk brass bands, your Cajun spices, your feathers and beads. I love your smoked rabbit with smothered greens, your tipsy tourists, your cochon de lait, your red beans and rice. … Read More »

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    Omnivore Books

    Every city has their own cocktail party chatter. In DC, the opening salvo is something like “what do you do?” or “who do you work for?” New Yorkers, I’m convinced, love nothing more … Read More »