My old grandfather made and enjoyed wine for eighty years. He told me the soils in which the vines lived were a layer cake. He said the wine if properly made, was like a delcious cake layered with fruit, mocha and chocolate, hints of spice and rich, always rich. “Never pass up a good layer cake,” he would say.

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    Farm to Table

    When most, if not the majority of us hear the words ‘Farm to Table’, it is fair to say initial thoughts turn immediately to fruits and vegetables.  And rightly so, since many of … Read More »

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    World Cup brings the world’s football teams together to compete in a highly charged, colorful and celebration inducing event. Every four years, 32 teams come together in a designated city to compete for … Read More »

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    Harvesting Patience, Argentina 2014

    The sun may set on the Layer Cake empire — for now — but as we do make wine in five countries on four continents, we’re always preparing for or engaged in harvest … Read More »

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    Short Stack Editions

    When it comes to food, I am always in search of new ideas, inspiration from fellow peers, reference materials, heck just about anything that will broaden my horizons and knowledge in the forever … Read More »