A Love Letter

Oh Tomatoes, we’ve had such a great summer together. Thank you for the memories, the lunches with you, glistening in the sun, drizzled oh so lightly with olive oil.  And the evenings we’ve had together have been exquisite, paired with simple basil or homemade burrata cheese that made my mouth water. You delivered all summer long with such beautiful flavor and luscious texture, and while there are so many of you to choose from, rest assured that we are equal opportunity tomato eaters, we love you all and don’t want to forget you.  That’s why we’re saying see you soon and not goodbye.  We’ve found a way to enjoy you all summer by preserving tomato water and our Angelina Sauce.  So in the dead of winter when we are full up on squash and fantasizing about your rich, red color, we’ll still have you close on our pasta or in our ragout.

Thank you tomatoes, we’re already looking forward to next year.

For the Angelina Sauce recipe visit One True Vine to purchase a copy of the One True Vine Magazine.




Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty