Calatayud – Ateca

We’ve recently returned from Calatayud, Spain, home of Layer Cake venture – Garnacha..  As with this wholly Spanish-sounding varietal (roll the “r”, Garrr-nacha!), this wine is the embodiment of Spanish terroir.  You can read the tasting notes, but we want to talk about the experience that goes into the bottle; the experience of traveling to a tiny burgh like Ateca or Terrer in beautiful central Spain.  First, sit down in a spot of bright, warm sun, close your eyes and imagine the best tasting cured meats you’ve ever eaten.  Next, picture driving along winding, two-lane roads through gently rolling hills, peppered with neat rows of stout, twisting vines, underneath a breathtakingly azure Mediterranean sky.  Now imagine sitting down in the central square of a centuries old, hilltop town, set under church and castle spires rising into the sky.  Feel the warmth.  Smell the upturned, rust-colored soils and the almonds drying in the sun.  Touch the ancient, weathered wood on the church door.  This is the essence of what we attempt to capture in a bottle of Garnacha.  Salud to your experience with Layer Cake Garnacha!