Black Truffles

This past week has gone by in a blur and as I think about all that has taken place there is one culinary highlight that has left a lasting impression soon not be forgotten – ‘Black Truffles’!

It may be walking through the Saturday’s farmers market, the visit to the butcher shop or local fishmonger in the world of food whether it be your chosen profession or a personal passion you always are in search of that one perfect ingredient.   And while there are a variety of ingredients that will inspire a dish, or a complete an entire menu I can’t think of one that delivers more of an impact than truffles.

The black truffle from the Périgord region of France can be found growing in areas where oak and hazelnut trees are prevalent.  This highly prized fungus is harvested during the fall and winter months and never ceases to bring excitement when found in the kitchen.

I find that as winter draws to a close, there is a determination and focus that comes from the kitchen to capture the last of the seasons great flavors in one dish and create a lasting memory.

For me it was a Sousvide Berkshire Pork Belly with Black Truffles and Roasted Cippolini Onions.

The pork belly only seasoned with salt, black pepper and a generous shaving of fresh black truffles cooked sousvide for 16 hours then cooled.  The pork belly was finished in a wood oven to provide a hint of smoke flavor.  Pan roasted and caramelized Cippolini onions provided a hint of sweetness to the final dish.  Of course another generous shaving of fresh truffles garnished the top of the dish.








Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Michael Laukert