The Breakfast of Champions

The mind regains consciousness, eyes open, earplugs pop out, and right hand bends under the pillow to retrieve the phone in the darkness. A button is pressed. Light! It’s 7:04am. I have successfully beaten my alarm clock yet again. It won’t be chiming for another sixty-two minutes. I shove off my blanket, disappointed at my alarm’s (and melatonin’s) impotence and tug on the string of my blinds. Snowy at negative ten degrees is what my eyes, and the radio, tell me. The lighthearted would retreat back into fetal position under the protection of their goose feather sac. But I, I will not miss breakfast at The Carriage House.

I persevere and gear up in tights, jeans, under armor, and a down coat that could fit a family of four. As I begin to anticipate my upcoming meal excitement inundates my body. I imagine myself starting with a cup of Earl Gray and a raspberry scone. I can already feel my teeth crack through the exterior and gently slice through the spongy interior while tangy cranberries and small shards of crystalline sugar pierce my palette. As my right molars welcome the last ort of scone into my body, I will move on to the Brie stuffed French toast. The amalgam of the tastes and textures of the oozing Brie against the springy egg-soaked brioche is godlike. I’m not gluttonous, I’m hungry, and there’s a difference. On second thought, I trade in the girdle-like tights and denim for a pair of Joey Tribbiani Thanksgiving Day sweatpants- they’re much more forgiving.

As I open the house door, my face is hit with a turbulence of snow that’s like a Maginot Line to my arrival at The Carriage House. I break through. Next I hike down a hill so icy and steep that it would pose a challenge to a large portion of Everest’s Sherpas. But finally I arrive at the structure that resembles Grandma’s cottage. As I push through the entrance, oven heat and the delectable aroma of brewing coffee sink into my body. I am seated and, without the disturbance of a single garment or acceptance of the menu, order. I patiently wait. As the food comes out church bells go off as if by divine coincidence. I silence my phone and prepare to have the breakfast of champions.” I hope you enjoy my piece as much as I enjoy your wine!

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Katia Lin