The Foodie Family

Food and wine bring people together. That’s how my husband and I met Susan and Byron. At first it was proximity, when we found ourselves to be neighbors in the same small town.  Then it was a mutual love of food and wine.  As a foursome we could sit down and appreciate for hours the flavors, creativity and seasonality of food and wine found anywhere from a food truck to a five star restaurant.

It was no surprise to find that our new friends had imparted their loves to their sons, Adam and David.  When we met them we understood that the apples didn’t fall far from the tree. They were unique, with a bond that we all shared, food, wine and the regular enjoyment of both. What’s better is that their ‘totally foodie family’ upbringing had launched them into specialized crafts.

Because we appreciate passion for craft and understand the value in the journey to create something truly exceptional, we resonate with the stories of these two young men, and we think you will to.  Adam, after being trained by one of the masters in the field, is creating custom cutlery. While David, with an interest in Chinese culture that happened somewhat randomly, is developing a lounge in Beijing.

Watch next week’s blog for an inside look at the interesting journeys of Adam and David.

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty