I Scream, You Scream…

Just when I thought the San Francisco Ferry Plaza had filled every possible artisan food niche, along comes Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream squeezed into one of the small stalls in arguably the most densely populated and diverse collection of deliciousness in the whole city.

Sounding more like a CPA firm where you would go to be tortured by somebody droning on about how to save $100 on your taxes, Humphry Slocumbe was actually named for a pair of characters from a 70’s British sitcom…I would like to have been a fly on the wall during that naming session, there must have been some medicinal use that night.

But back to the real point, I was at once elated and nervous about the new stall at the Ferry Plaza. Since I live within walking distance, the resistance to eating their products would now have to increase by several orders of magnitude. Previously, I would have to drive to the Mission, do multiple incantations to conjure a nearby parking space, then wait in the potentially very long queue to arrive at my prize…now it was right there at the end of a short walk, how could I possibly resist?

The folks at Humphry Slocombe pride themselves on using very fresh high-quality ingredients, but to me, what sets them apart is the ability to combine, or isolate, flavors in a way that makes the ingredients sing. They certainly have what most people would expect as the “normal” range of flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla & Coffee, but they are instead Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt, Tahitian Vanilla & Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. But then, there are flavors you wouldn’t see anywhere else like McEvoy Olive Oil, tart and smooth; Cinnamon Brittle, crunchy & spicy, and my favorite: Secret Breakfast which is an unbelievable combination of Bourbon and Corn Flakes…yes, that’s right.

So, I try to resist, make up rules in my head like “if I work out 4 times this week I can have some Humphry Slocombe”, ultimately, the picture in my head is the bowl posted here: Secret Breakfast with Hot Fudge and Almond Crunch.

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, John Hardesty