On Pie and Craft

On his way to Brooklyn pie shop, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Adam Sigal ran into his craft, literally.  A native of San Francisco, Adam studied sculpture art in high school and took blacksmithing courses at The Crucible.  His interest in metalworking left him on an uncertain path after college—until he ran into Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn hanging out near the pie shop.

Joel’s craft instantly inspired Adam. Learning to create custom cutlery married his interest in metal work with his lifelong love of good food. After the conversation, he ran home, dusted off his resume, and landed a job working for Joel.

During his apprenticeship at Cut Brooklyn, Adam learned much more than making knives. Joel taught him to strive for the best every time, adding or removing ideas as you go to make every piece slightly better than the last one. And he learned that nothing is sacred.  Tools, desks, anything can and should be made better when the opportunity presents itself.

From there, Adam moved to Portland to be closer to his brother, and his parents in San Francisco. He found a small space in the snack shop of a gas station and set up shop as Station Knives, a name his brother suggested.  Adam now makes beautiful, custom cutlery as well as a few signature pieces, such as the The Byron, The Susan, and The David, knives inspired by members of Adam’s family.

To learn more about Adam or to see his work, visit Station Knives.

And as for that trip for pie, Adam says he did buy a slice after his encounter with Joel.  “I am pretty sure the pie I got was honey lavender. Either that or black bottom oat.”


Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty