An Ode to the Bike

May is national bike month and we’re hoping that all of our readers have had the joy of pedaling through a city street, a hillside, a vineyard, wherever your wheels may take you, and feeling the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. The feeling of freedom and the tiny thrill of playfulness that comes with riding any bike is something we enjoy. And so we wanted to take a moment of appreciation for the bike and the bicyclist, and companies like PUBLIC Bikes and Straight Gauge Studios who find creative ways to work biking into daily life.

PUBLIC Bikes creates custom city bikes with an eye for detail. Always into craftsmanship, the PUBLIC bike intrigues us because it is at once retro and modern, functional and fun, about the details but with an overall goal for creating just a great damn bike. This is a bike we can get behind. And the PUBLIC team doesn’t stop there. They have a great selection of gear, messenger bags, helmets, bells, most everything you can think of to launch yourself on two wheels.

Straight Gauge Studios takes the bike in a whole new direction. Started by Martin Swanson, a cyclist and tinkerer, Straight Gauge Studios uses damaged bike wheels to create art and lighting fixtures. Talk about innovative, the creations this guy comes up with using a bike wheel are fantastic, and we applaud his melding of something bent and broken into something beautiful and lasting.

So join me in raising a glass of Layer Cake for the bike, the biking enthusiasts and the creative minds behind these two companies.

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty