One True Vine – The Journey Continues…

For those of you that are ‘in the know’ and keep up with our One True Vine family, it is most certainly clear there is never a dull moment in our world!  I must digress for a quick story first. Point in fact, this past weekend; our fearless leader Jayson Woodbridge became captivated with a couple new additions to his forever-growing culinary library, ‘charcuterie’ and ‘sausage making’ the focus of his reading.

A wake up call came Monday morning before my alarm had the chance to go off and his voicemail boomed over the phone with the exuberance equal to a child’s joy on Christmas morning. “Sausage!  We must make some homemade sausage!”  Call me as soon as you get this message.

I made the call and while enjoying my morning cup of coffee I listened, took notes and soon we had a plan of action in place to embark on this new adventure for us.  Lucky for us we have very good friends at the Fatted Calf located at the Oxbow Market Napa, CA and with their help it would be one stop shopping for everything necessary to make this project happen. It has been a crazy 48 hours of fun, laughs, swearing, and of course a few glasses of wine.  One hundred-twenty pounds of pork, beef and lamb later, six different sausages have been made and the final step of cold smoking happens tomorrow. The rest of the story I will share in the week(s) ahead.

Now back to our One True Vine Journal. Our first addition has been a huge success, warmly received by our peers, friends and families.  Of course this means we need to and are very excited to produce a second edition. It has been in the works for a while and the light at the end of the tunnel is within sight. The focus of the second Journal, like the first, centers on the regions of the world where we produce Layer Cake wines, Argentina, Australia, Italy, California and now Spain.

The first weeks of July we have given Spain all our attention, reading through our notes, viewing pictures and discussing the food, wine and people that we encountered during our travels last harvest.  Time has been well spent in the kitchen and a handful of new recipes and stories are unfolding. One of the very memorable dishes that we brought back has its origins for us from the Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain – BOQUERONES!

Of course we added our slight twist to the dish and combined the captivating flavor of marinated white anchovies with a salad of white beans, Piquillo peppers, frisee, scallions, hard-boiled egg and sherry vinaigrette served with toasted artisan bread.  WOW! Has been the overall consensus and in this single word, captures the comments and expressions from family and friends that have tasted the dish.

One final recipe test needs to happen to make sure all is in order before publishing the One True Vine Journal #002, in the meantime we thought a picture just might be enticing enough to peak your interests.  Stay tuned for the recipe preview.

As always, embrace life to the fullest and enjoy great wine, CHEERS!

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Michael Laukert