Three Babes Bakeshop

Every week I head to the farmers market for fresh produce. And every week I try, with no success, to stick to a breakfast of veggies, fruit, or maybe eggs. It’s a doomed effort at the start. The Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco can only be described as an alternate food universe, one that is heaven for foodies like myself.  Every stall and food purveyor show off stunning local produce and mouth watering food from savory to sweet.

It’s the sweet that gets me every week. I usually do one pass of the Three Babes Bakeshop booth, assessing how strong my will power is that day. And I usually come up with the same answer. My choice about whether to indulge in pie has nothing to do with will power but rather a personal philosophy. Life is just to short to pass up the best experiences and tastes and Three Babes makes one of the best pies out there.

The blackboard has a dizzying selection of pies by the slice, blackberry raspberry rhubarb crumble, peach rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb crumble classic, peach salty honey, walnut bittersweet chocolate pecan, the list goes on and even better, changes weekly to reflect the freshest seasonal fruit.

This week I select apricot blackberry crumble and speak with one of the ‘babes’, Lenore.  Lenore and her partner Anna are daughters of the Central Valley. They have known each other since 3rd grade, been baking for 15 years and are roommates. These ladies love their work and it shows.

I make it about an hour tops before I settle in with my breakfast of pie and coffee. That first bite reinforces my thoughts on Three Babes Bakeshop and confirms that pie is a great way to start the day.


Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Eve Jones