Read. Eat. Drink. Repeat.

Or you may want to reverse the order slightly. However you digest it, the One True Vine Journal will punch you in the face, in the best possible way.

In preparation for this experience, we plan to tease you with a few experts from the Journal. We’ll introduce you to the team. We’ll share stories about our travels and our recipes. We will leave you wanting more. So Read. Eat. Drink. Or, whatever. And enjoy.

The Bigger, Better Vine

“On our quest to explore every corner of this wonderful spinning sphere we have been known to get into physical adventures of many sorts such as four-wheeling through the Mendoza River, climbing active volcanoes, and taking post-midnight strolls through Rome –all to gather inspiration, recipes and stories from the folks we encounter along the way.

While our team likes to leave no stone unturned, we believe that simple is best. Therefore…In the enclosed pages, we continue to espouse fresh, local ingredients in our taste bud shattering – and incredibly fun – dishes. We also include a few tales of unique purveyors of delightful provisions who are making a difference in the food and cultural scene, both locally and globally.”

Excerpt from One True Vine Journal

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Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty