Meet the team – Michael Laukert

Michael Laukert has a bigger than life presence. He enters a room and fills it with a booming voice and a ton of charisma. He is quick to laugh and, if you are hungry, he is the guy you want to be around. He is brilliant in the kitchen.

These days, Michael finds himself in a role that he may not have foreseen. Not only is he the head chef for the One True Vine team but also the editor in chief of the One True Vine Journal.

On our quest to introduce you to the team responsible for the Journal, there is no better place to start than with Michael Laukert.

What is the worst thing about being the Editor-in-Chief of the OTV Journal?

Scheduling. Some of the best-laid plans veer left of center and take on a life of their own. You plan and then sometimes things change and it takes over. Next thing you know the schedule is out of control and you feel the weight of the project. Scheduling is the one thing that always creates a few butterflies in my stomach.

Do you have a favorite recipe in this volume?

No. Here’s the reason why, it’s hard to choose one because each has its own meaning and purpose. It is the story behind the scenes that makes each one special to me.

What is your favorite pastime?

Right now it’s the Layer Cake Wines softball team. We have a 40’s Major team and are the Northern California State Champions and we just recently became the California State Champions. Our next challenge will happen in Vegas where we play the East Coast Champions for the National Title.

Tell us one thing people would never guess about you.

I want to be a professional racecar driver. It all stems from growing up, when I was younger, 7 years or so, I would spend summers with my grandfather in the Northern Chicago area. My nickname was Trigger. He had an old VW bug and on Friday’s and Saturday’s we would travel the circuit of the local stock car tracks. We would be gone all day. As I grew older the Indy 500 became part of our routine and is still a pilgrimage I share with my family. I am fascinated by car racing and really believe I have the hidden talent to pull it off.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Deep-rooted self-confidence. Everyone thinks about strong or fast or invisible. But I think, for me, deep-rooted self-confidence allows everything to happen. You have your place, you know what is going on, it affects everyone around you, personally and professionally, everything just gets taken care of.

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could eat only three meals until you the day you die, what would they be?

Bacon and eggs in the morning, but, I’m a little torn, French toast has a lot of history with my mom’s sister, so maybe French toast would be the meal.

Tomato sandwich. Sandwiches are my favorite food on the planet, there is an art to them, and there is a process. Lightly toasted white bread, slathered with mayo, beefsteak tomatoes, salted. That first bite when tomato juice runs down your chin, there’s nothing like it.

Roast chicken, I could eat that every day. Simple, salt and pepper, a little bit of lemon and herb, that’s it. I love roasted chicken.

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Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty