Transmissions from the field: Rome

The only thing you’re going to hear from us regarding ancient Roman ruins is that they are excellent at providing shade for drinking wine.

We don’t go to Rome for the past. We go to Rome to get charged for the future. To get psyched up to make more wine. To get inspired by the amazing possibilities of food.

The only ancient tradition we adhere to is that of celebration. And we do this by imbibing the modern energy of a city that’s uniquely “Roman.” Yes, this seems absurdly obvious as well as an inane thing to say. But traveling to Italy as often as we do, we have come to realize that Rome is a place unlike any other.

What does it mean to be Roman? It’s like trying to define “chutzpah.” You just have to

experience it or know it. To us, being Roman means living life wide open with your head held high ñ as if you are a world conqueror (they were, remember). It means employing the wealth of knowledge, savvy – and yes, chutzpah – that comes from living along an unbroken line of culture and society dating back several millennia.

Excerpt from One True Vine Journal

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Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Rick Baraff