Our Favorite Things: La Boqueria

Got a vision of that perfect place you might end up in the afterlife? Ours looks exactly like La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain.

Ferran Adria, one of the world’s most renown chefs, calls it a “temple of gastronomy” and we’re with him. La Boqueria has lured people from far and wide to its hallowed ground for hundreds of years. What stands today as a huge permanent shrine to all things edible has roots dating to the early 1200s, making it one of the oldest continuous markets in the world.

If they allowed us to sleep inside we would have no need for hotels in Barcelona. We’re adults in a candy store, a fish market, a restaurant, a butcher shop, a vegetable & fruit stand, a wine shop, and a spice mart. Yes, it’s got all of these many times overĀ under the same roof, in harmony, wowing our senses like few other places we can think of.

Sure, we’re prone to hyperbole, but this is an instance where there just aren’t enough juicy, delicious, sweet or intoxicating words to describe the experience of the experience that is a trip through the multi-colored aisles. Hence, why it is one of our favorite things.

La Boqueria is overwhelming until you realize its simplicity. It’s all about food. The art, the presentation, and the enjoyment thereof.

Enter at your own risk because, like us, you might get a little lost.

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Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Rick Baraff