Winter Blahs, Meet the Danes

Today’s forecast calls for pelting rain and grey skies, with absolutely no sign of letting up. It’s a good day for hygge (pronounced “hooga”, more or less), the Danish term that translates to “coziness” (more or less). Hygge is curling up in blankets with a book and cup of tea, the amiable chatter of friends warmed by a glowing fireplace and a half-finished bottle of wine. It’s fuzzy sweaters and shearling slippers, a pork roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Hygge might be the friendly din of a well-lit pub as winter blusters outside, or a marathon of board games on a snow day. It’s the family dinner where Grandpa Fred trades cranky politicking and health complaints for snuggling his grandbabies on the couch instead, and everyone has a lovely evening. It’s knit scarves and candlelight, aprés-ski and steamy mugs of cocoa.

Now that I think on it, maybe all poor Hamlet really needed was some warm drinks and good lighting?

So bring it on, Snowzilla, Snowpocalypse, and Snowmaggedon. Let’s do this, El Niño! You can drive us indoors, you can pummel us with cold and damp, but I for one am taking my cues from the Danes and we’re going to hygge it up around here. Skål!


Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Kate King