Spring is Coming!

Winter vegetables are wonderful, squashes, root vegetables, all hearty and filling and perfect for cold winter nights. But every year I feel a sense of excitement as we draw near spring and the produce changes from the hearty to the refreshing.

Last weekend we visited the Ferry Building Farmers Market, a temple of delight for foodies, and was delighted to see the early signs of spring. The asparagus vendor is back, offering rows and rows of thin and thick spears. And artichokes, small, medium and large are everywhere. Spring onion and garlic and a host of other early spring arrivals.

Nature is genius about its seasonal produce offerings. As we prepare to store our heavy coats and gear up for the warmer, longer days ahead, nature meets us with a lighter variety of fruits and vegetables to adorn our spring tables.

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty