While visiting Europe I did as I always do and checked the weather. It seems to me with very little meteorological training that Iceland was always either at the center of a high-pressure zone or the center of what looked like a baby hurricane. Volcanoes and wind swept terrain used for lunar training. Perfect!!

Grab the Layer Cake Chardonnay (ideal in any circumstance involving stressful conditions) and naturally several bottles of Layer Cake – Primitivo from Italy to ring those Viking descendants proverbial bell and keep me safe while trying some of their rather outlandish foods.

ICELAND is not only a must visit but a treat. This place is so damn beautiful with towering volcanoes, plains of volcanic pebbles with not a single living thing in sight and very similar to LA. The ocean is fierce and angry as we traversed a sea of sand dunes only to find a US World War II plane sticking out the side of the dune, apparently a landing gone wrong. I cracked open a bottle of Chardonnay and toasted the pilot and only later after some local research did I find out that the young aviator fellow survived and walked back to the air base “Sans Plane” I am certain that went over well as his pilot duties were confined to peeling potatoes for 6 months.

The food in Iceland is as harsh or wonderful as you choose simple versus daring. Rotted shark preserved in some sort of reindeer (not real ones) urine and tasting so hideous right after I just ate a bloody puffin and seal meat having passed on the “delicious” Mink whale…not happening. This parade of hideous and odious cuisine was no less that the most disgusting thing I had eaten since the last time I had a Big Mac and a corn dog on the same day (read very very bad) and realized you could die from bad food.

The food on the flip side, was served in a beautiful little restaurant in the country side beside a salmon river of great beauty (they won me over with the salmon fishing idea) and fine French inspired sauces (taught to the French by American chefs serving in the war) combined with gorgeous fishes hauled fresh from the icy waters and little potatoes, dill and butter from Germany.

At this point I got thinking about traffic and how narrow the roads were and how I could see more of the little island nation by my favorite mode of transport…twin jet engine Eurocopter. The black monster slowly settled into a landing position on the lawn while Helen and I paid the bill, her shaking her head and laughing as we loaded cases of Layer Cake, wine glasses and a loaf of fresh bread into the helicopter. Now it was time to see those volcanoes up close and personal…walk around on a glacier sitting right on top of an active volcano…yes yes yes my inner twelve year old boy yelled…this was a very sensible idea!!! We lifted off…

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Jayson Woodbridge