Our Favorites – Station Knives

In the world of cooking and eating that is One True Vine, we run across some really excellent things. When you’re in it as deep as we are, favorite kitchen tools, equipment, food sellers, and anything related to creating food and wine become like reliable old friends. We can’t keep these great finds to ourselves and are compelled to spread the word of the awesome, starting with Station Knives, a small knife shop based out of Portland with a founder who is singularly dedicated to the art of cutlery.

Michael Laukert, Chef and talent at One True Vine, tells us why he loves Station Knives.

What is it about Station Knives that makes them a favorite of yours?

All things great start with a solid foundation. It is the story of Station Knives, the dedication and the attention to details from concept to finished knife that captivated me.

When shopping for a knife, what are the top three qualities/characteristics you look for?

First and foremost is the knife MUST feel good in your hand. You are purchasing a ‘tool’ required to perform your job. Of course it MUST be perfect.

Next of importance to me is the balance and weight of the knife. This for me is extremely important in your Chef’s knife. After all I use my Chef’s knife easily 90% of the time.

The knife’s edge! Need I say more…. What good is it to you if the knife won’t stay sharp? The durability of the knife in keeping and edge, maintaining the edge and ease of sharpening all-important in this decision.

How were you first introduced to Station Knives?

A long time friend, fellow CIA alumni and COO at One True Vine, John Hardesty. John has known Adam Sigal for more than a few years now and as we discussed stories for our next One True Vine Journal Station Knives was an obvious choice.

Tell us your best story involving a Station Knife.

In life you only have the opportunity for only one first time. For me these are the events that seem to always stand out on the top of my memorable moments. For me I brought my new Station Knives to Dallas, Texas. Here I spent the week with good friend Michael Obranovich designing pottery/plates to use in our cooking and entertaining. Newly designed Chef knives, new pottery and plate design and quality time with friends both old and new all centered on food, wine and life…. I am a truly blessed man!

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty