Jackson Fillmore

In the crowded world of delicious food choices in San Francisco, there are a few standouts that are so exceptional, so consistently good, they deserve a trip whenever you are in the City or have a night out.

One of these is Jackson Fillmore. Located in Pacific Heights, this hole in the wall restaurant has been a neighborhood fixture since 1985. Of course the food is the centerpiece of Jackson Fillmore’s success, but it isn’t the only reason you’ll enjoy the experience. It’s clear that every member of the staff is passionate about their work, and you won’t find a pretentious attitude in the place, a refreshing change in our food-hyped city.

When dining, there are a few staples that are an absolute must. After enjoying a piece of crusty bread piled high with freshly chopped tomatoes, garlic and herbs, you’ll want to try the Carpaccio di zucchine. This antipasto is nothing short of amazing, I often have to hold myself back from ordering one just for myself. And while the specials are always enticing, the menu itself holds so many choices you’ll find yourself needing some extra time to make a decision.

A shout out to the team at Jackson Fillmore for bringing their passion to the masses, and for creating such a great all around dining experience.

Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty