How To: Keep Wine Safe

Here’s the scenario, you have selected your wine and brought it home, maybe a few bottles, or a case of your favorite. Perhaps you are saving it for an event or a bottle for the end of some difficult day. Now what? In the average home or kitchen, where do you store the wine to ensure it is safe from spoilage or getting corked?

To keep your wine safe at home, consider the following.

How long do you plan to have the wine before drinking it?
If you plan on having your wine for just a few weeks before you drink it you can store it on a kitchen counter or in a cool, dry place. It is fine to store your white wine in the refrigerator; you’ll want to take it out so it can warm up a bit prior to drinking it.

What about wines you plan to keep and store for longer periods of time?

If you are holding onto a special bottle for a birthday or anniversary, it is best to store it, white or red, in a cool, dark location. If the wine has a cork, you’ll want to store it on its side or at an angle to keep the cork moist.

What about temperature and light?

In general, wine should not be stored anywhere the temperature will exceed 77 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it should not be stored in a place that will experience swings in temperature, say a car for example.

I splurged on an excellent bottle of wine that I’d like to save, now what?

If you’re collecting or storing wine that gets better with age, you may want to consider an investment in a wine refrigerator.

I’ve opened a bottle and want to save some for later, how long will my red or white wine keep?

In general, once open wines are good for about one week, perhaps less. While controversial in years past, experts now agree that storing red wine in the refrigerator may help extend its life.

While the need to keep wine safe at home may present itself time and again, there is one way to make sure wine is safe, drink it all upon opening.