Mendoza: The Greatest Place on Earth to Make Malbec

If you ask Winemaker Jayson Woodbridge why he makes wine in Mendoza he’d say, “Because it’s the greatest place on earth to make Malbec…and because of the Parrilla.”

There are geographic advantages to growing grapes in Mendoza. Nestled up against the Andes, the vineyards are exposed to bright mountain sunshine and cool air, creating exceptional conditions for growing Malbec. During the patient wait for those grapes to ripen to perfection and later when the fermentations are bubbling away, the Region of Mendoza gives in other ways, like meat cooked long and slow over a carefully tended bed of coals.

La Parrilla…there is a reverence to the word, with a slight pause leading up to saying it, and for good reason. Those who have savored the meat prepared “a la Parrilla” will understand. The Gauchos, Argentine cowboys who are said to have created the Parilla while traversing the windswept plains of Patagonia, clearly knew what they were doing. Placing a metal grate over a bed of hot wood coals sounds simple, but the process is anything but. Enjoying a bottle of our Argentinian Malbec or Sea of Stones Red Blend makes the process a little easier.

If delicious meat cooked to perfection didn’t fill the time while waiting on those Malbec grapes, the Andes offers a beautiful and majestic playground. A rough four-wheel drive trip at altitude, surrounded by steep mountains and rocky terrain, will work up anyone’s appetite for an impromptu picnic in the mountains.

Mendoza is a magical place, offering a feast for the senses. And providing the soil for growing a wine that delivers a bit of that magic in every sip. And you can bring Mendoza to you by trying our recipe, Pork Ribs a la Parilla.




Submitted by Layer Cake Wines fan, Tara Hardesty