From Farm to Butcher

When you encounter the exquisite flavor of a beautiful, hand crafted meat; you must savor it, celebrate it, and spread word of the find. We feel this way every time we eat a thin-as-tissue piece of prosciutto or juicy, intensely flavored pork loin from Fatted Calf Charcuterie.

Our team has come to regard Fatted Calf Charcuterie as a holy place for meat.  No crepinette, no loma, nor any porchetta can compare to the heart-stopping good products created by artisans Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller. Taylor and Toponia focus on charcuterie and butchery, dedicating themselves to the details that produce incredibly tasty food.

Toponia and Taylor started Fatted Calf in 2003 with just $6,000 in a shared commercial kitchen in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. The first company in the area to focus entirely on handmade artisanal salumi, they started out selling directly to customers at the Saturday Farmers Market in Berkeley. Word of mouth caught on, and Fatted Calf started to grow.

Of the many practices that make Fatted Calf unique, perhaps the most significant are the relationships they build with farmers. They focus solely on partnering with small producers who practice sustainable agriculture and husbandry by not using hormones or antibiotics, raising animals on pasture, and in many cases growing their own feed.  They make extra effort to highlight the work of small farmers with deep passion and high standards.  Toponia and Taylor believe that feeding people quality food that is better for them, the environment, and small businesses, that they can change the course of the American food system.

Like many of our neighbors that curate, create and collaborate in the Napa Valley, they too share a love of craft and a vision of quality we all appreciate. When the time came to slaughter our ten, lovingly raised Berkshire hogs, we asked Toponia and Taylor to share their expertise and lend us a hand in processing our meat into charcuterie. We raise a glass to the Fatted Calf every time we share a charcuterie board with our friends and family. We also can’t get enough of their Porchetta recipe and make it all the time (paired with Pinot Noir).

If you haven’t found yourself at a Fatted Calf, or worse, if you have never tried Fatted Calf products, we recommend you immediately get yourself to one of their two locations, grab a few Layer Cake wines on the way home and get to enjoying life.

Other stories and recipes from our journeys can be found in the One True Vine Journal 002. You can purchase a copy here: