Movies, Popcorn & Pairings

In wine country, we pair wine with everything. We don’t just limit it to elaborate home-cooked meals or elegant restaurant, multi-course dining experiences. A favorite pairing is as simple as a glass of wine and a trusty bowl of popcorn.

We’re lucky in the fact that most movie theaters in wine country offer beer and wine while you enjoy a 90 minute escape from reality in a dark theater with comfy seating. A trend that is quickly spreading across the country with approximately 700 cinemas nationwide serving alcohol.

But what wine works best with that large bag of popcorn? Here are a few of our suggestions:

Butter is Better

If you’re a movie-theater-butter kind of popcorn eater, pair it with a classic Layer Cake Chardonnay. The preserved lemon, guava, pineapple and light, creamy texture of whipped lemon curd balance the oh-so delectable butter, while the butter enhances the French oak aging of the wine.

Just the Salt

Hold the butter and opt for just sea salt? Pair it with a Layer Cake Sauvignon Blanc. The layers of ripe mango, gooseberry and white peaches in the wine will quench the thirst the salt creates.

If you’re more of a stay-at-home, Netflix and Chill kind of movie-goer and feel adventurous with your popcorn accoutrement, try our chef’s recipe for Caramelized Wild Mushrooms with Organic Popcorn and pair it with Layer Cake Pinot Noir.

So, go for a classic or do some experimenting; whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong enjoying a glass of wine with your popcorn. You’ll find us at the cinema this weekend checking out the new release, “Home Again” staring Reese Witherspoon. We noticed she enjoys a little Layer Cake Sauvignon Blanc too.

Home Again Movie by Open Road Films, In Theaters September 2017