Wine Country: Open for Business

By now you undoubtedly have heard about the horrific wildfires that burned through hundreds of thousands of acres of Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties earlier this month. The fires hit our community hard here in California, and our hearts go out to everyone victimized by this natural disaster. Especially the people who lost everything.

Here at Layer Cake, we are thankful the Northern California vineyards from which we source our grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc emerged unscathed. This means we’ll be able to continue making all of the Layer Cake wines without interruption. Farmers and winemakers made this possible—waking up early to bring in fruit, then braving smoky conditions to get it pressed, fermented, and into barrels and tanks. We’ve always said our people have a passion for coming together to make wine through hell or high water. Now that applies to fire, as well.

Still, over the last few weeks, friends and customers have been asking us how they can help with recovery efforts. So, we’ve put together a few suggestions.

  1. Buy local wine!

Now more than ever, local wineries and local grape growers need us. Buying Northern California wine is a quick and easy way to support Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino wine people—especially since most of the money you spend goes right back to the people who made the wine. We source the grapes for our Layer Cake Cabernet from the Alexander Valley; a region that was hit hard by the fires. Support those farmers by drinking that red.

  1. Come and visit!

The media has painted a picture of Wine Country in shambles. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, the majority of Napa and Sonoma wineries, hotels, and restaurants are open for business. Now all they need is you.  Plan a visit. Book some tastings. Schedule some meals. Unfortunately, we don’t have a tasting room you can visit, but encourage you to visit some of our favorite spots. Fall and winter are the “off-season” in Wine Country, which means you might even be able to score some deals.

  1. Consider donating.

We understand that philanthropy is often personal (and private), but there are some great opportunities to give back to the local communities in Napa and Sonoma counties as they rebuild. This post, from AFAR Magazine, offers some great suggestions. Both Napa and Healdsburg also have launched “free stores” where people can donate clothes and other goods for fire victims, who then “shop” for free. If you want to get involved but don’t want to give cash, these are great alternatives.

And no comments about the fires would be complete without publicly thanking first responders for keeping our community safe. We simply couldn’t have survived this natural disaster without their selfless work. To them, we raise a glass.

Finally, a message from Wine Country:

Photos, video by Lightspeed Films