Layer Cake Hits the Silver Screen

Most of the known world has loved the movie, “A Bad Moms Christmas,” for the raunchy humor, the scene with a naked Justin Hartley, and the trio of Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell.

We love it for another reason: Layer Cake and our sister wine Cherry Pie have a bunch of cameos.

Like the scene at dinner one night where the moms chase Chinese take-out with a few bottles of Layer Cake. Or the scene on the streets of New York, where Hahn throws tradition to the wind and slugs Cherry Pie straight from the bottle.

That latter scene, the one where Hahn gives up the last of her inhibitions and throws back our red like a rock star, is EVERYTHING. What, with all the demands of the holidays—from gifts and food to parties and concerts more—we won’t blame you one bit if you want to grab a bottle of our wine and drink it from the bottle, too.

(Maybe just don’t do it in public; you could get a ticket and we can’t be responsible for that.)

Whatever you do, remember this: You deserve wine. You always deserve wine. Even when you think you don’t deserve wine, you probably do. Those “Bad Moms” gals are on to something. Bottoms up.