Throw a Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party

The expectations are high for New Year’s Eve. It happens every year, three days prior to the big ball drop, we find ourselves wiped out from all the holiday cheer with no extravagant plans to welcome the new year. The pressure is on to find a party that doesn’t cost $100 per person, or that isn’t already sold out. But your house is clean (maybe), Christmas decorations are still up, so why not throw your own party?

It’s easier than you think. Ask all your friends that will certainly be in the same position to bring a dish or drink (hmm, Layer Cake?) and turn up a killer playlist. We’ve compiled a few simple ideas to turn your party planning anxiety into excitement.

White Chocolate Popcorn, Less than $10

Mix savory and sweet by combining a bowl of microwaved (or stovetop) popcorn and melted white chocolate. Once the popcorn is popped, melt one cup of white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 seconds or until melted. Stir and drizzle onto the top of the popcorn, then toss. For added festivity, crush a candy cane in a Ziploc bag and sprinkle the flakes on top as garnish.

Easy Charcuterie, $10-$15

Take a trip to your nearest grocery store with a deli and look for two nice salamis (think hard salami or Genoa). Ask for a quarter pound of each, sliced paper thin. You’ll be amazed how far a quarter pound goes. Then run to the cheese section and pick a few favorites (crowd-pleasers like Manchego and brie). On your way to the cashier, grab a fresh baked baguette to slice on the side. When you get home, find your prettiest plate or cleanest cutting board and present your selections.

Extra Sweet Tooth, Less than $5

Nobody is going to complain about a bowl of M&Ms. Grab a bag of holiday-colored M&Ms to pair with a glass of Shiraz.

Need some NYE party music inspiration? Check out this playlist on Spotify.

Happy New Year!