Layer Cake Wines are big and bold—they have character. As does the team behind our wines and the fans imbibing them. Celebrating the shared adventures and experiences of our community is our way to honor the Layer Cake story. Blog entries should have personality, be passionate about one of the topics described below and should offer a unique perspective. We can’t wait to share in your adventures as we continue to document our own escapades.

Venture on!

Call for Submissions

What we’re seeking:

  • Entries focused on food, travel, musings related to food and wine or interesting travel in wine producing regions.
  • Well-written and grammatically correct entries.
  • Entries that are experientially based, we want to feel like we’re there with you.

Entry specs:

  • Categories:  Food, Musings, Region, Travel
  • Length: 200 – 400 words
  • Photo Specs: Up to 2 MB, jpeg format
  • Recognition:  If selected, your name will be listed on blog with your entry

What we’re NOT seeking:

We won’t accept posts that include marketing-related links or that are self-promotional. While we’re sure you’re great, the main focus of the blog should be the subject, not you.

How to submit:

Please submit your blog post using the form below.  All fields are required.
We will notify you in writing via email if we plan on using your entry.