Mendoza is a place of splendorous beauty; the eastern side of the Andes rises directly from the vineyards, with the Mendoza River flowing icy cold out of the mountains to create layers and layers of alluvial landscape perfect for wine grapes to become their very best.

During the melt of the last ice age, the Mendoza River grew to over 20 miles wide, depositing cobblestones, rounded gravel and soil hundreds of feet thick. When the flow diminished, what was left behind has become the finest place in the world to grow Malbec grapes.

Mendoza sits at 3000 feet of elevation, has long sunny days, and cool crisp nights. This weather pattern is what many great wine regions share, but the elevation is what really makes the Malbec so exceptional.

Because of the Andes, the vineyards in Mendoza are often subject to sudden, devastating hailstorms just before the grapes are ripe. We go to great lengths to protect the vines from the hail in order to be sure the flavor for the Layer Cake Malbec grapes reaches its full potential.