California is incredibly diverse in its growing areas; we source Layer Cake Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Monterey and Santa Barbara and Cabernet from Alexander Valley and Paso Robles.

The Monterey vineyards at Arroyo Loma and Alta Loma border the Santa Lucia Highlands. Shallow granitic soils lend mineral characteristics and high-toned aromatics to the wine. Warm morning sun, followed by cooling winds from Monterey Bay each afternoon, allows us to achieve full, rich flavors in the grapes while maintaining good acidity so crucial to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

In Santa Barbara, our vineyards are located in the steep hills surrounding Los Alamos in a canyon that leads directly to the Pacific Ocean. Sandy soils, bright sunshine and very cool ocean breezes combine to lengthen ripening and extend hang time, resulting in intense aromatics and great acidity.

Our vineyard in Alexander Valley is a classic example of the appellation; aromas and flavors of chocolate- covered cherries are typical to the area and are the reason the Layer Cake Cabernet is so rich. Our vineyard has a section that is part of an ancient volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helena that laid down multiple layers of ash and rock, giving the wine beautiful mineral characteristics. The cool air that pours in from the Pacific each afternoon allows us to leave the fruit hanging late in the season while maintaining acidity that is bright and fresh.

In Paso Robles, the vines are in deep, sandy loam soils sprawling over rolling hills. The deep roots combined with long, warm days give the wine rich, dense black fruit aromas and mouth-filling flavors.