Sauvignon Blanc 2016


Winemaker Notes

The Sauvignon Blanc we love to drink requires a winemaking approach based on delicacy of handling and minimalism in fermentation. We let the grapes develop fully, which in our vineyards means concentrated and complex layers of fruit, evocative aromatics and perfect balance of flavor. We put the fruit directly into the press in whole clusters, which helps retain as much of the rich fruit flavor as possible, and allows just enough structure from the skins as they get squeezed dry. The fermentation is as hands off as it gets; cool gentle fermentation in stainless steel tanks, again the idea is to get the delicate flavors from the vineyard to the bottle without losing flavor, but also the stainless is completely neutral since any oak would cover over the subtle aromatics. The result is a clean refreshing wine, with pure layers of flavors and aromatics.

Vineyard Notes

As with Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is sourced from several distinct vineyards chosen for how they combine to make a balanced blend. Sauvignon Blanc is a very versatile grape to grow, as it produces a wide range of flavors from different growing conditions.

Our Alexander Valley vineyard is near the banks of the Russian River, where the loose soil and excellent drainage allow the vines to reach deep down for nutrients and water. This vineyard lends minerality and crisp acidity to the wine. From our Lake County vineyard, we get big explosive citrus flavors from the long, cool growing season that the high elevation sunshine brings. In Lodi, the hot weather and older vines produce big rich tropical flavors, which round out the mid-palette of the blend.

Tasting Notes

Beautiful aromas of Oro Blanco grapefruit, orange blossom, and Kaffir Lime rise from the glass, then follow on the palette where layers of ripe mango, gooseberry and white peaches join in. The beautifully balanced fruit and acidity leave the finish clean and crisp with citrus and floral notes still lingering and begging for another sip.

Wine Facts

  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • 100% California Appellation
  • 100% Stainless Steel Fermentation
  • 100% Whole Cluster Pressed
  • Alcohol 13.5% by Volume